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Big ice is for those adventurous looking for a challenge. Book buy direct from the worlds most trusted sightseeing brand, gray line. Entrance to the national park you can buy the ticket there in argentine pesos. This is the most adventurous of the perito moreno glacier tours. Read real opinions, see photos and map, compare different tours and make the best decision. We have been looking at the big ice tour through hielo y aventura tour company. Initially there was a large group of us on the coach and when we arrived we had free time to walk around the board walks near the glacier where the views were amazing. Perito moreno glacier boat tour book a boat cruise here. This was the best part of my vacation in argentina. Book the big ice perito moreno trekking tour for an unforgettable days. We booked, paid for and received instant confirmation for grey line argentinas walk with the penguins tour. Please consult government travel advisories before booking. It is arguably one of the most impressive natural wonders in patagonia and a mustsee for all visitors. However, in order to make the most of everything the park has to offer it is better to spend 23 days there.

When we arrived to book initially the big ice tour 4 hours trek which was fully booked already, we were quite surprised by the number of sales persons in the store, at least 6 of them selling only these two tours. And we understood why when we arrived to start the trek. The argentina roundup the parallel life may 28, 2012. The mini trekking runs from beginning of august up to first days of june. We did 10 days in argentina and this was our familys. The big ice is an ice trekking on the glaciers surface available for people up to 45 years old and the tour operators are very serious with this age restrictions. This trip is a mustdo for thrillseekers and adventure travelers. This will give you enough time to do one activity the perito moreno glacier for example. Venture into the heart of the perito moreno glacier in this oneday minitrek. Full of turquoise water ponds, huge lagoons, deep cracks, endless streams, seracs and ice caves. It is unclear to us if there are other tour companies that run a similar tour. You can either book a tour including transport, rent a car or a taxi, or do what we did and take the local bus. From prices, where to stay, things to do in perito moreno and an independent travellers guide, well help you make the most of your trip.

This is the most complete tour to visit the perito moreno glacier as it includes the trekking on the ice, a short sailing in front of the south wall of the glacier and a visit to the runways if you book the tour with transfer from your hotel always accompanied by a guide. This big ice perito moreno trekking tour has an average capacity of 30 passengers later divided into smaller groups so that guides can give better attention to each passenger and to make the trek easier and more enjoyable, with an average. Big ice on the perito moreno glacier calafate excursions. Also, can we book something upon arrival so we can shop around and maybe get a better price or do we have to book in advance. Don some crampons and follow your expert adventure guides into the interior of the glacier. Perito moreno glacier big ice trek if youd like more details and the difference between the mini ice trek and the big ice trek, see our description in the.

The entrance to the national park is not included and can only be paid in cash and argentine pesos. Explore deep into the perito moreno glacier during the big ice tour. Tour perito moreno glacier in argentinas patagonia 3 days in this 3day adventurous trip perito moreno glacier will be the highlight. Even though no previous trekking experience is required, the big ice tour is not for the fainthearted. Since were arriving for only one day to do the tour, how do i ensure that my group of four will. As you get deeper into the heart of the glacier, through this amazing trekking, you will get to explore a new world. For the more adventurous the big ice calafate trekking tour involves spending approximately 4 hours on the ice. Check availability and prices of big ice on perito moreno tour. The name of the city is derived from a little bush with yellow flowers and dark blue berries that is very common in patagonia. Many visit to see such natural wonders as perito moreno glacier, a massive glacier thats actually composed of. Experience an unforgettable hike across the ice on the magnificent perito moreno glacier. A unique full day trekking experience on the most famous glacier in patagonia. You have the option of going on a big trek, which usually lasts all day. The ultimate guide to visit perito moreno glacier in 2020.

Big ice en perito moreno calafate patagonia argentina. There, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular panoramic landscape of the glacier and walk some of the selfguided trails. Big ice tour booking companies how do i book this tour. I have read some posts that imply that, but we dont want to book that tour unless we know that there is no other comparable, less expensive option. In our comfortable buses, a bilingual tourist guide will give you information of the. This tour is without a doubt the best way for adventure seeking travelers to visit the spectacular glacier perito moreno. Book the big ice perito moreno trekking tour for an unforgettable days trekking, discovering the wellknown and aweinspiring perito moreno glacier in patagonia, southern argentina. If youd like to do the big ice hike choose this tour. Who knows how long well have these frozen beauties with us and it was amazing.

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